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FreakMe focuses on the wacky office staff behind an Escort Service, and the new IT guy who wonders how he ended up there.

Directed & Edited by Neil Fennell

Written by Guy Olivieri


Mindy Cohn
Ryan Duncan

Patti Goettlicher

Rob Maitner

Guy Olivieri

Kathy Searle


Eric Elizaga

Shay Gines

Duane C. Ferguson

DP: Duane C. Ferguson

AD: Kevin Laibson

Script Supervisor: Erin Fallon

Gaffer/Camera 2: Milan Maric

Sound Mixers: Ben Bentsman & Joshua Sausville

Sound Assistants: Eddie Cleverhand & Olu Patrick Poisson

Art Direction: Sandy Yaklin

Costumes: Amanda J. Jenks

Makeup: Rebekah Perez & Alice Qin

Color: Thomas Gonzalez

Sound Design: Eric Perez

Music: Blaise Douros

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