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WINNER Best Film, 48 Hour Film Project NY 2016

Director: Neil Fennell
Writer: Guy Olivieri
Editor: Neil Fennell (WINNER Best Editing)


Produced by: Guy Olivieri and Neil Fennell


Director of Photography: Duane C. Ferguson
Sound Mixer and Sound Effects: Edmund Kasubinski
Asst. Sound Mixer: Christy Loo
Original Score: Michael Harren


Kathy Searle (WINNER Best Actress)
Stephen Heskett
Timothy John Smith
Erik Frandsen (WINNER Best Supporting Actor)

48 Hour Film Project rules:

7:00 pm Friday: Teams receive their assignments. Every team is assigned the same prop, character, and line of dialogue, which must be integrated into the film. Each team draws a unique genre out of a hat.

7:00 pm Sunday: Final films are turned in.

Our assignment:

Prop - headphones/earbuds (WINNER Best Use Of Prop)
Character - Sam or Sarah Dunglestreet, debt collector
Line - "I've never seen that before."
Genre: Time Travel​

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