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WINNER Best Film, 48 Hour Film Project NY 2023

Director: Neil Fennell (WINNER Best Directing)

Writer: Guy Olivieri

Editor: Neil Fennell

This film was a co-production by Ground UP Productions and Giant Cookie Films

Produced by:

Jessica Diamond

Neil Fennell

Kate Middleton

Guy Olivieri

Reed C. Campbell

Director of Photography: Ethan G. Jones

Assistant Director of Photography: Duane C. Ferguson

Assistant Director & 2nd Unit Director: Erin Fallon

Sound Mixer: Trevor Pike

Sound Recorder: Sydney Mei Ruf-Wong

Sound Designer: Ryan Huegerich

Original Music: Michael Harren

Production Assistant: Maddie Faunce

Consulting Producer: Holden Campbell

Poster Photography: Erin F. Karimi

Cast (WINNER Best Acting Ensemble)

Kat: Kate Middleton

Eve: Erica Sweany

Madison: Jason Veasey

Earl: Reed C. Campbell

Debbie: Brianne Higgins

Mark: Ryan Duncan

Marker: Steven Maier

Boom Op: Sydney Mei Ruf-Wong

and David Krumholtz

Special Thanks:

Laura Meyers & Hazel Moon Meyers-Fennell

Mark Langmuir

Neil Van Ess

Seal Patrick Harris

Regina Meyers

Tristan Howard

Owen Strock

Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

Wright Bros Real Estate

Jordan Ahnquist

Martin Balaguer

Erik Frandsen

Patti Goettlicher

Stephen Heskett

Rob Maitner

Kathy Searle

48 Hour Film Project rules:
7:00 pm Friday: Teams receive their assignments. Every team is assigned the same prop, character, and line of dialogue, which must be integrated into the film. Each team draws a unique genre out of a hat.

7:00 pm Sunday: Final films are turned in.

Our assignment:

Prop - Marker
Character - Matthew or Madison Everhart - Event Planner
Line - “Let’s start at the beginning.”
Genre: Suspense/Thriller


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